Missing Love

I can't understand why in these days people, who know me, ask me to get marry. Maybe they haven't been in such a hard condition. They don't know how much I love Sara. Still I'm dreaming about her. Whenever I close my eyes I depict her face.                          
   In these ten years I tried my best to forget her but I couldn't. I remember that everything was OK before that evil day. We well-prepare get marry. We even invited our guests. Since she called me and we met at usual park. After a cold greeting; "Joe, I know we had good start and deeply love each other" she continued after a pause "Whether you believe it or not we are not belonging to each other. We are not match. Here is the end of our relationship."  
I was totally dumb and confused. "Joe, I know facing to this problem is so hard. It is hard for me, too. Like I do, you must deal with it and forget me. Try your best."                                
"All the time you are in my heart; I assure you, we'll meet each other in heaven. Bye." She farewell with trembling voice. I was shocked and couldn't say a word. "While still loving me, why are you living me?" When I wanted to ask this, I was left alone.                                                                   
   When she left me, I was sitting for hours on that bench. I couldn't understand "Why" she left me. I just thought about a light in her eyes and also her voice that told me: it wasn't intentional, it wasn't my fault. Up to now it is a big question mark over my head with no answer.Since that time I couldn't see her anymore even found a sign. Two years ago I moved in this city, she loved here and we had great times and also so lovely memories here.
 Here is my lost chance to see her again and ask her why she left me?
"My lord, please give me a sign to find her or at least help me forget her".                                                                                   
"Oh, check there out!"                                                                  
"It seems an accident happened. Let me check it out, one may need my help?"                                                                  
"Oh, poor girl"                                                                             
"Hey, I know her."                                                                     
"Sara, open your eyes, please. Tell me where have you been these ten years?" 
 by : Ali Fathi

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